I always felt a little better when I was outside…

I always felt a little better when I was outside…

I’m not sure if it was my ridiculous metabolism or my pension for cabin fever when cooped up to long, but I used to (and still do) get HOT when I’m inside for too long.  I have to feel fresh air. I don’t know what it is.  It could be the dead of winter and I’ll crack a window and lay underneath my blankets shivering in flannel pajamas and a hoodie, but I’ll get another blanket before I close the window.


(Yellowstone National Park in a snowstorm…made the entire trip worth it)

As a kid, my mother could tell when I was starting to get antsy inside and she’d bundle me up and send me outdoors. In the winter I’d be sweating in my knit hat, my hand-me-down coat, and my boots while she was wrapping me up inside, but once I headed out into the snow, I felt amazing.  I loved spring when the snow melted and it was warm but not too hot and you could splash in the puddles in the grass in the backyard.  In the summer when you wake up early and the sun is barely rising and you hear the birds and you just feel…warm.  Autumn. Now that’s a season.  Crisp air, the hot chocolate and cider and tea are starting to make frequent appearances in the kitchen.

Inside has always made me feel trapped…even when it’s my own house. Even when I’m sick as hell, I have to at least go get the mail…or go to the car to get something.  Walls made of trees and mountainside aren’t nearly as confining as walls made from brick.  Maybe that’s why people who don’t travel or rarely do anything but stay home sometimes seem to be the grumpiest…I don’t like feeling imprisoned, I imagine they don’t either.

I believe almost anything can be cured by fresh air.  A nice walk can help you think out your troubles and get you back to your center of gravity.   A soft breeze can lift your spirits and make you feel whole again…at least it always did for me.  The smell of pine, tall grass and flowers is enough to put me in a better mood any time.


(Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park…stunning)

Have you ever read the book The Secret Garden?  I think that’s my favorite book that seems to describe being outdoors so well…A sickly girl, meets a boy who helps her make a garden. The more she tends to it, the healthier she feels.  By the end of the book, not only do you want to run out and live outside, but you have the strongest urge to go buy every plant the garden store has to offer.


(Avalanche Lake Hike…Glacier National Park)

Perhaps that’s why I love the Parks so much…You’re completely surrounded by nature. You aren’t at work where there’s things to be done. You aren’t at home, where the chore list never seems to end.  You’re just…outside.  Feeling the air…


Until next time

The Chubby Cubby


  1. I’m right there with you. I have days where I can stay inside – like really bad weather – but I get antsy otherwise. Being outside is glorious!! And, btw, Emerald Lake is beautiful. I went there a couple years ago.

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